...empowering the parish to reduce poverty and build the reign of God among us


About Parish Engagement  Parish Engagement works to support and develop the empowerment of the parish as the people of God to act on the Gospel values in their community to reduce poverty and build the reign of God among us.  This is achieved in the local parish through support and involvement in programs such as JustFaith, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Parish Liaison Partners and the Speakers Bureau.

JustFaith  JustFaith is an intensive adult faith formation program offered in parish and church small groups for those who want to experience a journey into the Gospel invitation of compassion. This program aspires to enable people of faith to develop a passion for justice, to express this passion in concrete acts of social ministry, and to expand the work of social ministry in their faith communities.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development  The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is the domestic anti-poverty program of the United States Catholic Bishops. Its mission is to address the, “root causes of poverty by helping people help themselves.” The Catholic Campaign for Human Development does this through the promotion and support of organizations and programs which give a voice to the poor and empower them to make long lasting improvements in their lives and communities. An annual CCHD collection is taken in Catholic parishes across the nation the weekend preceding Thanksgiving. This collection funds grants, economic development and education programs through collaboration with local dioceses. When you donate to the CCHD you fund low-income, grass-roots projects to improve the community and reduce the effects of poverty.

Right now, more than 46 million Americans are living below the poverty line; struggling to hang on, making hard choices between hunger, housing, and health care for their families. Click Here to find out the truth about poverty in America.

Take Action!

  • Pray for solutions to the root causes of poverty.
  • Visit the websites, and to learn more about povert in the United States and how the CCHD addresses it.
  • Support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development parish collection and donate directly.
  • Talk with family members about the impact of poverty on individuals and communities.
  • Join a legislative advocacy group and urge elected officials to enact just social laws.
  • Speak to elected officials about the conditions of poverty in the U.S.
  • Work with low-income individuals and families on issues of mutual interest in your community.

Parish Liaison Partners  Help extend the reach of services and educational opportunities to parishes and the community through the ministries of Catholic Charities.  Liaisons work with parish staff and their community to engage and support Catholic Charities' services. For information about becoming a Parish Liaison Partner, please contact Becky VanPool at 405.523.3009.

Speakers Bureau   An outstanding resource for knowledgeable speakers on social issues, advocacy, spiritual and health issues are available through Catholic Charities.  Includes presentations regarding direct service topics of Immigration, International Refugee Resettlement, Homeless Outreach, Family and Individual Counseling, Disaster Response, Adoption and Pregnancy Services. Please call Becky VanPool at 405.523.3009 for more information.

Events   Contact Becky VanPool for more information, 405.523.3009.


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